Nvidia geforce gt220 problems

Hello,can somebody help me while im playing games like crossfire css source or dota while im in mid game of anything of those games my pc turns to black screen and said SleeP MODE<<but my cpu still running and i hear a crash sounds..so i force to press power off and reboot again and exact same thing while play games my grapichs card is NVIDIA Geforrce GT220 1024MB and have windows 7 OS..pls help me a.s.a.p really aprciate it tnx in advnce ^^ t__t
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  1. What are your specs? Is your computer overheating? Good enough psu?
  2. my specs is acer asm 5802-a48
    intelcore quad processor Q8400 3.0 ghz
    4gb ddr2 ram
    640gb hd
    windows 7 64bit jap version
    geforce gt20 1024

    no my comp is not overheating<<<what is psu bro?? t_t im so stress while im playin games pls help me t_t tnx tnx in advnce
  3. PSU is Power Supply Unit. All of power are drawn from this thing.

    Did you installed the right driver? Make sure you have the right one...
  4. ok tnx bro really apriciate it ;)
  5. My nvidia did samething so took card out, removed card fan casing took off plastic case around fan and cleaned dirt gathered on heat sink, this did the job,card works fine now
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