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I was considering and XFX 5770 (code HD-577A-ZNFV) for my new system , which includes a gigabyte ga-p55-ud3r. But then I saw it has pci-e 2.1 connectivity, and my motherboard only has pci-e 2.0.
Will this graphics card fit in my system? And will there be any functioning problems? (i.e. card not functioning at full potential?)

And another question: I read on a couple of forums several months ago that the 5770 was pretty crap ( not well-built) and that it had severe driver problems. Are these problems fixed now? Maybe some of you guys have this card and can tell me how well it works.

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  1. 1st - the pci-e 2.1 is backward compatible with the pci-e 2.0 and pci-e 1.0 standards so any of them will work as long as you have a pci-e x16 slot on your MOBO (which you do ) - so no problem there.

    2nd - as for the problems with the 5770 and drivers etc. - that was mainly when the cards first came out and the entire 5xxx series was having the same kind of issues but they have been pretty much cleared up with driver updates, etc.

    I have a Sapphire 5770 and have had no problems with it and am very happy with the performance for the price.
  2. Not all the problems have been cleared up by it is a game of rulet so more than likely you will get a decent quality card that will last you two years or so before you end up upgrading to replacing due to failure. Try to clean it once a month to two months to keep the temps down. Replace the stock compound after about 6 months of use since it will dry out and temps won't be as good as they were same applies to other brands including S3 and Matrox. Keep in mind though that Sapphire is a crappy company when it comes to customer service and are known to do bait and switch. They start off making cards at high quality even at a loss only to make inferior parts later after reputation for that product has been well established.
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