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So i'm under windows 7 and the problem is that the sound card make a "tin" sound before and after the playing sound. For example when i receive a message with WLM it will be

"TIN" "new messenger message sound" "TIN" just like if the sound card was waking up and then going to sleep.

Does someone has an idea ?

Thank you

ps : motherboard : asus p5n-e sli
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  1. its Creative, what do you expect

    if it was me? i would burn the card and use another brand or onboard sound - creative has lost my support, they are dead to me
  2. That's a 1st gen Audigy card with no Win7 support what did you expect?
    Time for a new card bud!
  3. Problem solved: i uninstall all the creative software and drivers and reinstall the sound card with the windows update audigy ls drivers and now no more "Bin" sound.

    ps : i cannot edit the topic's name in the first message, can some do it and say it's solved ?
  4. dayoflayo said:
    So why do i find drivers for this card for windows seven ?

    Ok my bad i see they finally got around to supporting legacy cards.
    I would download DriverSweeper
    Run it in safemode
    Check off Creative
    Click purge
    Restart normal
    Install the new drivers
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