WHICH H67 MOTHERboard has 2 PCI x 16 slots?

guys is a p67 motherboard a necessity to overclock a 2500k? or cn one do it with a H67 too? well ..WHICH H67 MOTHERboard has 2 PCI x 16 slots?
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  1. P67's are the only boards your gonna find that have 2 pci x16 slots. H67's aren't performance boards.
  2. And yes, to overclock a 2500K you need a P67 board. H67 was not designed for overclocking.
  3. You can get a P67 XFire/SLI (8x/8x) mobo for £130-£150 maybe. Asus P67 Pro or higher (deluxe, sabretooth), MSI P67 GD55 or better, Gigabyte P67 UD4 or higher, Intel BOXBG or whatever it was called.
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