Computer wont boot with new 980x processor

i just removed a i7 920 2.66ghz precessor and upgraded to a 980 x i had to fully dis assemble the computer for the fan cooling block and then rebuilt it and computer won't show any picture and the graphics cards are correctly installed i read somewhere u may need bios updades if so how can i do this
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  1. What motherboard do you have?

    Basically you will need to put the 920 back in and then update your BIOS. You can go to the webpage of your manufacturer and there you can download the latest BIOS as well as the installer that will install that BIOS version. Once the BIOS is updated you can put the 980x back in and happy gaming from there!
  2. reasons should be 1. unUPDATED BIOS 2. low PSU 3.MOBO which does not support your new CPU 4. BAD LUCK !!!{ i can solve the 4rth problem by wishing you a luck my friend }
    way to solve

    1.Update it from your MOBO site 2. Upgrade it 3.upgrade it

    Its all i can say my friend .... JONPAUL37 is right.. you should update your BIOS
  3. What are your specs?

    In most cases you can put your i7 920 back in, update the BIOS and then put the 980X back in and viola.
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