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Hi there again, ppl. So here it goes: I'm planning to buy an HDD to use as a media storage for 3d movies to watch on TV ( No computer. Only HDD connected directly to TV via usb 2.0. From what I've read, USB 2.0 is much capable to transmit 3D.
Now... I've got three HDDs t choose from :

1. WD
2 Samsung F4
3. Seagate

Well, the obvious bet seems to be WD, but I've heard there are a lot of reliability issues with WD external drives.
Next, Samsung F4 receives a lot more positive feedback than the other two, however the fact that is is no more Samsung but Seagate causes some doubts.
And the last, Seagate, specs are awesome, but hardly I get advantage of 6GB/s, since TV has no Sata )

So which would you suggest?
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  1. I <3 WD. I just got a 2TB Seagate drive as well but if price was not a factor I would have gotten the WD.
  2. Because you are hooking it up to your TV and not a PC I would suggest the WD over the Seagate.
  3. And what 'bout quality? Which one wins the race? I want objective opinion, no fanboys
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    Out of the 3 you picked I would still choose the WD. The other two drives are internal drives. If you are going to be hooking it up to your TV and not inside your PC then I would highly recommend getting an external drive. As for overall quality on the ones you picked, the Seagate would seem to win the race here, by far.
  5. I've chose WD afterall ) So far no trouble :)
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