Best graphic cards for 350 PSU

I wish to install graphic card on my computer since I dont have one..
But what is the best graphic card for a 350 power supply??
I'm installing the graphic card not to play high-end game.. Just a moderate games..

My selection was between the Sapphire ATI HD3650 512MB Ultimate Heat-Pipe DDR2 (128bit) PCI-E and the ATI Radeon™ HD 4650.. My choice was the ati 3650 because it has no fans so maybe it will consumes less power.. Please help me choose..

My pc specs was quite old..

Pentium 4 630 HT 3.0gHz
1.5GB ddr2 ram
HP 350 PSU

Please help me guys.. Your help will appreciated.. :D :D
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  1. i dont know how but on my studio xps 8100
    DELL COULD INSTALL A GTX 260 WITH A 350 WATT can run every game maxed except for ... crysis.
  2. between the two cards you listed its the 4650, neither card needs a powerful power supply.,2598-6.html
  3. So my pc specs can run the two cards that is 3650 and 4650?
    How bout 4670.. Can it handle?
  4. the 4670 would be a nice card for your setup :) and it should handle it
  5. I suggest a 4650 and it doesn't use that much power, my mom ran a 6600GT and a overlocked E1200 off a 250w oem psu till the board gave out. The psu works as it did before the Biostar board failed.

    The 4650 is a stable card and the fan uses next to nothing when it comes to power. You can power it with a solar panel. Performance wise again the 4650.
  6. Between 4650 and 4670.. 4670 performs better..
    And i see some report says that the 4670 consumes less wattage..

    Derbixrace are you sure my pc can handle 4670? Because ATI recommends 400 PSU minimum..
    Or should I choose the 4650..
  7. im pretty sure your pc can handle it, i think your PSU would even handle a 5670 :)
  8. Yeah, I'd say HD4650 or HD4670. The 4670 is better but I'm not sure it will matter much with that CPU. Anything more powerful is just a waste.
    If you go for an HD4650 try to get the DDR3 version if at all possible.
  9. you can run the ATI 4670, 5670, and even 5750 on a 350w PSU.

    with your CPU though, the 4670 is good fit.
  10. This is my power supply..
    You guy says my PSU would handle 4670..

    So i'm getting the SAPPHIRE HD 4670 512MB GDDR4 PCI-E..
    One more thing>> Does it backward compatible with pci-e version 1.0?
    Is it ok? :D
    Helps really appreciated..

  11. Yes, it's a very good choice.
  12. a PCI-E 2.0 card will work in a 1.0 x16 slot
  13. Thank you very much!!
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