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I am planning to buy a 2TB hard disk and i don't know which one to buy.
I want a hard disk which can last longer(3-4 years).
It should have average performance(i will buy a SSD in the future for installing the OS).
It sould have a low price tag as i have to save money for buying an SSD.
Most money value.
Please help.
Does 7200rpm hard disk has greate performance difference compared to 5400rpm hard disks ?
Does SATA3 hard disk has greate performance difference compared to SATA2 hard disks ?
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  1. yes, sata III are physically better than sata II
    sata III has 6.0Gb/s data transfer rate while sata II is half of that it transfer 3Gb/s, but that doesn't really matter 7200rpm mean (revolution per minute) HDD with 7200rpm spins 7200 times/minute same story of 5400rpm when it comes to rpm you wouldn't notice the difference definitely.
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    No hard disk can deliver data as fast as the SATA II (more properly, SATA 3.0 Gb/s) maximum data transfer rate, so the double max rate for SATA 6.0 Gb/s means nothing for any spinning HDD. If you have a choice, do not pay extra for the 6.0 Gb/s newest models.
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