Club3D ati 5850 overclocked stupid?

hi guys i resentlyhi guys i resently had a shutdown problam because of psu i bought 680 watt psu and solved it but now i cant play game with high setting its hanging or game is slow its like 9600gt is that anything wrong or just club 3d making 9600gt in name of 5850? my resident evil 5 fps still 30 fps i checked youtube for fps with 5850 and i saw 120 fps how is that i have the same card and same setting but why not same fps?
my system is:
amd phenom x3 2.1 ghz
club3D 5850 overclocked edition
4 gb ram
680 watt psu
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  1. well i guess your CPU is holding back that 5850 pretty much, do you know how to overclock?
  2. i tried to overclock by nvidia controll panel but every time i shut down pc its going back to stock i dont know how to overlock :( i even tried to do with motherboard setting but i cant change the clocks its not allow me
  3. ok, im guessing that your cpu is too weak, im not 100% sure but thats my best guess :) lets see what others say but my advice would be to upgrade your cpu. have you tried to reinstall ati drivers and do you have the newest ones?
  4. I agree, Its not the number of cores that your CPU has, its more that they run at 2.1Ghz which is on the slow side. My advice would be to either overclock your CPU as much as possible, or upgrade.
  5. yeah 2.1Ghz especially for an amd CPU is very slow :/
  6. Indeed, the CPU is the obvious problem. 2.1 ghz is very low no matter how many cores you have. It probably would even limit the 9600GT you mention in certain games.
    OCing would probably help a lot but really you need a better processor. Tell us what motherboard you have. There's a decent chance it can handle AM3 processors.
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