What could be damaging my RAM?

EDIT: I have isolated this error to be invoked only, yes only when i m playing BFBC2 and only in MP mode and while ingame not in the main menu.

Hi all,

Firstly, I would apreciate every input.
I purchased my rig around September 2010, It ran fine up until I decided t oget a new HDD and install a new Windows 7 64-bit onto it.

CPU: i7 950 stock + V8 Cooler wich is doing crap at cooling [Idle 40c load around 72-78c] I think they failed at mounting it properly.
MB: Gigabyte GAx58a-UD3R Rev 2.0 + latest Bios
VC: Gigabyte GTX 480
RAM: 2gbx3 Patriot Ram now RMA'ed adn replaced with 4GBx3 G.Skill F3-12800CL9T-12GBRL
[http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=265 ]
PSU: Seasonic 750w (S12D-750) <--- mabe not managing?
HDD: SATA-300 1.5TB + 2 other SATAs [then recently added 1, 1TB HDD but i am still powering only 3 HDD's]

****IN SHORT****
Old RAM became faulty after a new instalation of windows, recieved 25BSODs in a few days. I replaced them with new ram, and now recieved my first BSOD. could there be somethign that's killing them? Crash occured while playing BFBC2.
After I started installing updates from Microsoft over the few first days of instalation I did not game more than a few minutes in these couple of days,, Out of the Blue, I started getting random crashes of IE, DWM, and random programs, sometimes shortly after followed by BSOD. Then the system became VERY unstable. I would get a BSOD after touching the PC after login, IE would crash, close that and there you get your BSOD. You will need to go through 3-4 BSOD to get a lucky stable system running wich if it passes 10 minutes, you can use the system as long as you do not restart.

Blue Screen View at hte time showed 25 BSOD events in around a few days, majoraty of them saying Memory Managment and some PFN and only like 4-5 System_service_exception. It was determined the RAM was killed in action... starting windows, and so I took my system to itestate.com.au where the engineer tested my faulty ram and there we saw it, the death certificate. Instead of waiting 2-3 weeks for RMA I decided to pay the diffrence for 4GBx3 of whatever they had and it was the G.skill listed above. The engineer had issues getting the system to boot at first and later after booting to getting the whole 12GB recognised, but eventually got them to work. And he suposedly reaseated my V8 and it did run a tiny bit cooler than before. The ram was tested infront of me in the shop, it was all good.

Now, 1 weeks later, I received my first BSOD with this new RAM. The last listed memory dump on BluescreenView dates back to a week ago and it did not pick up my new memory dump so I cannot tell what it was. I was playing BFBC2, I got a lockup, then the Lovely Blue wallpaper.

Is there something that can be killing my ram? that is of course this BSOD was memory related. What information about hte ram, CPU-z and such would you like me to post up?

Sorry for making this long, Thanks in advance! :(
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  1. What's the recommended voltage for that RAM?
  2. My Voltage is at 1.5 It says my RAM can handle from 1.4-1.8V :S
  3. I agree with the above posts concerning undervolted ram.
    Run Memtest86+
    Test one module at a time
    if the ram has no errors you most likely have gpu driver issues.
    Run Event Viewer to get an idea what's causing the bsod's.
  4. Thanks for the unput guys, I will run memtest tommorow as I am bout to head out. But, In the last 1 hour i played BFBC2 and i got 2 crashes. This is what I got.
    "Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 124
    BCP1: 0000000000000000
    BCP2: FFFFFA800AB36028
    BCP3: 00000000B6000000
    BCP4: 0000000000200001
    OS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 768_1
    I read around to learn that hte x0.....124 code is usually related to low vQPI wich supports what you talked about Davcon. I have right not put up my voltage to 1.6V and will see If I get a BSOD and if yes, i will quickly test the sticks individually.
    PS: The BlueScreenViewer has not shown a "Bug check String" for the last 3 BSODS, all 34 other BSOD's on the system from the last stick of ram have a bug check string. Well, I hope this solves the issue.

    I have a little concern thought about my PSU, is it a good PSU and is it possibly choking my Video CArd? While ingame and i scope up through dense forests, even with MSAA is set to x1 and AF is to 2x, I get a drastic drop in FPS, I didnt get that before when I was using my old ram and partition of windows and before i flashed my bios. Could it be the flashing of my bios changed alot of the default power settings and such?

    My old rig was an 8800GTX system, with a 600w psu, i got a secondary 8800GTX and when I used to load up a game in sli i used to get horrible FPS, I learnt that I needed more power, so could this be the same issue here? can this PSU be weak?

    thanks again. I will keep this post updated, Feel free to add in any advice!
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