Reinstalling OS to SSD

Is it wise to reinstall OS to my SSD to free up space? if not, what's the best way?
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  1. What SSD do you have? I reinstalled windows 7 on mine and I lost a few seconds on boot time.
  2. Corsair SSD Force series 3 120Gb.

    I have only 30Gb left after transfering some files from my HDD which has 750Gb.

    I am to install adobe master collection cs6 and im afraid i dont have space for it. Is it better to delete contents than to format the SSD?

    Ty for the reply.
  3. I only need to install the OS, adobe master collection CS6, lightroom 3.2, Photomatix pro, brother printer, World of Warcraft, onlive, dropbox, phonemypc app and curse...which of those can i install to my SSD and which to my HDD? Or my SSD can accommodate all?

    really need an opinion here. Thanks!
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