Moving windows 7 oem 64bit from HDD to SSD ???

Hi there, I am building my 1st gaming rig, I've got a new copy of windows 7 oem to install and currently have a 500gb HDD to use at the moment which windows will be installed on.
I'm going to get a SSD at some point in the future and would like to use this for the OS. The question is, will I be able to re-install windows 7 OEM on the SSD after it has been installed on the HDD?
I've been reading that you can only use the software on one system but does that mean one motherboard or one hard drive?
If anybody can help, thy would be great.
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    bendy86 said:
    does that mean one motherboard or one hard drive?

    It means one motherboard. You will be able to install it on your SSD with no problems.
  2. Would I need to leave it installed on the HDD or can it be removed and what about activation, would the same code work again or do I not need a code for install on SSD.
    Thanks for the answer, clears that up.
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