Hd 5770 Vapor-x Overkill

1) I want to ask, can hd 5770 Vapor-x Overkill both Crysis and Crysis Warhead.?

2) Can hd 5770 Vapor-x play game in same label as hd 5850.? I mean by gaming Experiance cause those two card
has a Direct 11..... :sol: :sol:
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    1) a 5770 is not overkill for Crysis, You'd be able to play it with high settings (not VH) @ 1920 x 1080 no AA and get playable framerates.

    2) A 5770 can use the same DX11 features as a 5850, but obviously a 5850 is considerably faster than a 5770.
  2. So in this case only hd 5850 can play Crysis in Very High setting right...?

    If i use hd 5850 with 18 Inch LCD can it overkill Crysis and make me very satisfied.?
  3. I'm guessing your monitors resolution is either 1440 x 900 or 1280 x 1024?

    In any case a HD5770 will play crysis at VH settings with no AA and may just get playable framerates, A HD5850 certainly will play crysis VH at either of those resolutions perfectly.

    However a HD5770 is overkill at either of those resolutions for almost any other game
  4. So if i use 20 Inch LCD with hd 5770 in 1440x900 or 5000x900 i can kill all game at same levelm as Crysis right..?
  5. 5000x900? You talking about eyefinity or something?

    Anyway, yes a 5770 will almost max crysis out at 1440x900, just don't expect AA
  6. Hehe... I just guest.

    Ok Omgitzfatal... LCD at 1440x900 or below can play Cysis in almost max right.......

    What a mean by AA.? Can you tell me.....

    If i buy hd 5850 and play at 1440x900, what other benefit did i get if play game same like crysis level that doesn't have in hd 5770........?????
  7. AA = Anti Aliasing, It is a method of blurring out hard edges to appear more smooth because pixels are squares. More useful on low resolution screens.
  8. +1^ Rofl_my_waffle is right.

    A HD5850 will give you a decent boost in FPS, and so the gaming experience will be smoother and more enjoyable, you'll also be able to apply AA (Anti-Aliasing) if you so wish.

    Other than better performance there really isn't much difference, the HD5850 will obviously use more power and in turn produce more heat, but still at a perfectly acceptable level. Both cards have DX11 and other features like Eyefinity support.

    I would suggest the HD5770 as its more than enough for the majority of games and will play Crysis fine with VH settings at 1440 x 900.
  9. Ok... Now i understand.

    But omgitzfatal... If i use hd 5770 I can't use AA in a very smooth right. But hd 5850 i can get 2 thing, that would be for Resolution and AA right my friends...?
  10. Yes with a HD5850 you'll be able to use AA and run at 1440 x 900.
  11. Ok... Thank Omgitzfatal.

    I check my budget and if it enough i will take hd 5850... :-)
  12. Ok man, enjoy your new card : )
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