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I have a new HP 180t desktop (i7-930 runnig W7 pro) with an Nvidia Geforce 220 with a Samsung 2233SW LCD connected via the DVI port and a SONY 50inch SXRD connected via HDMI. My issue is that the Nvidia card detects my SONY TV as the primary monitor and the Samsung as the secondary. Anyone out there have an idea on how to reverse this detection? I have tried at the Nvidia control panel to no avail. I still haven't tried HP customer support as I have been significantly underwhelmed with their support so far regarding a software issue I had earlier this week.

Thanks in advance for your help. I hope my search of the forum did not overlook an answer to my problem.

- Moe Howard
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  1. If this is just a matter of which screen you want your taskbar on / want to use as your main monitor, then you can tell windows which display you want to use as your primary monitor:
    Right click on desktop -> Personalize
    See Also (at the bottom) -> Display -> Change Display Settings
    Click on the monitor that represents your Samsung, check "Make this my main display", and click Apply.

    (you can change this in the nVidia config, but I like W7's dialog for managing multiple monitors much better)

    If this is an issue about which display the BIOS/bootup screen appears on, you may be out of luck. My cards only drive 1 display output until a driver for the card is loaded.
  2. DarthAndroid

    Thanks for the reply but your suggestion didn't work. And I apologize to the forum for letting this request get a bit stale without a follow up.

    Since my request to you all for help, I have spoken with HP support. They came up with two solutions: (1) switch cabling-connect my Samsung at my desktop to the HDMI port and my SONY TV (in my family room) to my DVI port or (2) download a third party shareware called MurGeeMon to manage my dual displays. I had thought of option 1 right off the bat and I still may go that route since I have sound routed to my receiver via a Toslink connection but out of principle, I was looking for a software solution. I couldn't get Option 2 to work.

    As additional info regarding my issue, I can use nVidia's control panel to assign primary status to my Samsung (the way I want it) but it only behaves as primary in extended mode. When I use Win P to switch to primary monitor only, display comes up on my SONY only and vise versa when I use Win P to switch to secondary monitor only.

    That's all I have for now. Thanks again DA for your attempt to help.

    - Moe
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