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Hey, I can't find a good computer mouse that I like... my budget is anything less than $100, but I'd like to spend less. This is for gaming.
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  1. Thanks :) I already have a mx518, but I sort of did the cord in with a sander, so I'm looking for another... I really love this mouse, and you confirmed that for me... I'll just order a new one.
  2. I've owned both, and i much prefer the CM Sentinel:
  3. ooo... that's a sexy mouse... I like it alot... it has 2 lasers in it?
  4. I have a G9 and love it, but the current version (the G9x) is at the upper end of your budget range.
  5. I have the MX-518 and a Deathadder and they are both very good.
    Too good cuz i'd like to get my paws on a CM Sentinel or Inferno.
    My MX-518 V.1 is 6+ years old and shows no signs of dying.
    Deathadder is only 7 months old .
  6. what do you guys think of the cyborg r.a.t. by mad catz? and right now I'm probs gonna go with the sentinel.
  7. i think every saitek product iv owned ( though only being 3) have broke.

    the sentinel is an excellent choice, but nobody really needs that much precision, say if you were using a 1920 monitor, you could go the whole width of the screen 3-4 times in an inch.

    It Still is a very nice mouse though :) the lighting effects, and the little logo on it are awesome :D
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