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Compaq Presario 1230 CPU upgrade - DIP switch settings?

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a b D Laptop
October 20, 2004 3:59:12 PM

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Greetings all,

I am attempting to install a new processor in a Presario 1230. Have
contacted Compaq/HP for help, but have received nil.

Specifically, i need information regarding the proper settings for the
DIP switches on the motherboard. If anyone knows anything about this
model's mobo or has some advice on where I might tech info on this
mobo (it's "OEM", but I doubt Compaq actually manufactured it, so I
think there should be some info out there if I could just find out who
the actual manufacturer is...). I already checked the Compaq FTP site
and could find no info relevant to the mobo or to my specific

In case anybody cares, the processor I'm trying to put in is an AMD
K6-III+ 450.

Thanks very much for ANY info anyone can provide. it is much
a b D Laptop
October 21, 2004 2:10:22 PM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?)

If you look on the board theres a setting chart for this model. If you
are using the K6 450.. should be a 2.0V core.. settings for DIP # 2
would be all four on.. (DIP 2 is near power button) 4 Setting
switches.. all up/on
a b D Laptop
October 25, 2004 7:24:37 PM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?)

Thanks Ken,

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Where on the board should I look for this chart? Just want to be
prepared before I crack the case again - I try to fight the urge to
open it up every five minutes, since I'm an amateur and every time I
do, I probably risk blowing it all up or something...

Do you know of any source for technical information about this
particular board?

Also, are there DIPs somewhere that must be set for the right
multiplier, or does the BIOS handle that automatically (I already
flashed the BIOS to the newest version)?

Also, is it true that the socket on this board is Super 7? I read it
somewhere, but elsewhere people tell me that's not true. So far you
are the only person I've found who seems to actually know what you're
talking about.

Thanks, sorry if this is too many questions - I know you're trying to
run a business and giving out free help is not improving your bottom