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New to the forums, though was hoping somebody might have some good suggestions on what I can do! Unsure if this is the wrong forum, though if it is, my apologies.

I built my PC awhile back, and it's not too shabby.
OS: Windows 7 RTM X64
CPU: Intel(R) Core2 Duo CPU E6750
Memory: 5.00GB DDR2 1022 RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640.0 MB

Some games, I'm fine (and without any lagging, or stuttering...) on the highest settings available, even recent games such as FIFA/NBA 2K10. Though, on some other games, I'm suffering from some god awful lag (FPS below 15... even on lower settings.) Specifically, I'm lagging in All Points Bulletin (with FPS drops down to about 15, regardless of what settings I set the video too.) This game is taking 1GB to run, so I'm wondering if it's memory related.

What would be likely be the cause to this? What piece of hardware would be the best to upgrade to fix this? Is it as expected (the videocard? Or is it something related to my CPU? I thought I have enough ram, and I thought my videocard was decent. But I cannot stand this lag in these games, and hope to fix it soon! :{
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    Yes... Your GPU is holding your back, along with your CPU (unless overclocked to 3.2Ghz or higher). I would look to upgrade your GPU first than see what the best CPU your LGA 775 socket can support, if you don't plan on going with a newer platform any time soon.

    Recommendations: ATI HD 5770, GTX 465, ATI HD 5850 will all show huge improvement over the much older 8800 GTX 640.0 MB.
  2. So you really believe I'd see a significant improvement in FPS by just upgrading my videocard?

    Or am I to upgrade both my videocard, and CPU if I expect to see anything significant ?
  3. You will see significant improvement with the GTX 465 or ATI 5850, you'll see improvement with the ATI 5770, without buying a new CPU. If you aren't overclocking the E6750, I recommend overclocking, so you can get a "free" boost of speed through your CPU.

    In the end, you'll see the biggest improvement with going with a Q9400/Q9550 and an ATI 5850 but you are looking at $500 or more for that upgrade!
  4. Should I make a new thread completely to give me a step-by-step on how to overclock that CPU?

    If I overclocked the CPU, and bought a GTX 465 or an ATI 5850, and left all my other hardware alone, would I be good to go?
  5. Yes... you'll be good to go for the most part. There are a few newer games that benefit from a quad-core so you'll still have some issues with them (Battlefield Bad Company 2, Metro 2033... etc. for example)

    I would check / post in the Overclocking forum for help with overclocking. You'll get the most resources there with their stickies and veterians!!
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