Bootmgr is missing-after attempt at installing vid card

so my nvidia card crapped out so i've been using the onboard video on the mobo for the past 2 months. finally bought an HIS ati 5770. i reformatted, a few days later i went to install the new video card. i plugged it in, didnt have an 8 pin connector on my psu(450 w), so i used the included adapter and plugged into 2 molex connector. i hooked up my monitor and turned it on and started up. it shows the mobo main screen like normal, then pops up bootmgr is missing. so i put in my vista disk, go to 'fix my computer' and it says the 'searching for drivers' thing and no OS shows up. so i try a few things in bios(making pci-e default video source, etc), but keep getting bootmgr is missing. so i take out the card, hook monitor up to mobo, start it up 'bootmgr is missing'. so i boot up from vista disk but this time it works. but after start-up my second hdd isn't showing up in 'computer' or device manager. wtf is going on?!
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  1. I had something like this happen to me. How I fixed it is kinda, random.

    Disconnect every hard drive except the one with Windows on it. Start up with onboard OS. If it starts install ATI Catalyst Control Center

    When it successfully starts. Power down. Hook up the 5770 and set PCIE as primary display. Start it back up, verify your 5770 is working.

    Power down. Hook up 1 HDD. Power up, verify it's appearing and there is no bootmgr error. Repeat until you're 100%
  2. well that was strange. opened up my case and my sata cord is unplugged from my second hdd, the connector won't stay snug anymore, i'd deal with that later. put the card in and my pc starts right up, i go to the amd website and download latest drivers, restarted and registered the card, zero problems. i shut down and hooked a new sata cable in my second hdd, closed up, now everything is fine! very strange.
  3. Cool! Glad it worked out so effortlessly!
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