Any Hard Drive diagnosing programs?

I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 1.5GB hard drive. I'm noticing a "zzz" sound from very rarely, is there a program I can use to make sure it's okay and it's not just usual noises? Sounds like a CD/DVD is loading in my dvd drive. I'm not hearing any deadly noises though like clicks. The "zzz" sound is sudden and brief lasts 1 second.
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  1. There should be some diagnostic tools on the Seagate website. You could also run windows scandisk, however i prefer using SpinRite, which isn't free.
  2. I ran a "short generic" and a "long generic" test on the Seatools program by Seagate barracuda, my drive passed both but I still get that sound. Safe to assume everything' s good?
  3. Hmmm i don't know. The hdd that came with the PC i bought at a tech store makes some horrible clicking noises (not very loud but it sounds like the heads are hitting the platters). It was having write errors when i first used it but after awhile it stopped. How old is your drive and can you check the S.M.A.R.T. info? You can do this by getting Defraggler.
  4. I downloaded Defraggler but where do I see the S.M.A.R.T. info?

    I ran a S.M.A.R.T. test on Seatools and my drive passed.
  5. S.M.A.R.T. info should be on the health tab (the last tab on the right). If you can take a screenshot/print screen then put it up somewhere you have an account that upload pics, then send the link.
  6. Each manufacturer has a set of diagnostic tools on its website.....

    But I'm a Spinrite fan too
  7. Speedfan and HDTune are probably some of the best programs to read S.M.A.R.T. readings on hard drives, S.M.A.R.T. will tell you for example if your drive has bad sectors.

    But you say you have a zzz sound? Is your drive having to spin up? Depending on how windows power options are setup, windows will shut off your hard drives after about half an hour of inactivity. Thus when you do something next that requires a read/write it will have to spin up the drive making a zzz sound. Personally I think you should disable windows turning off the hard drives when idle, less start/stop cycles wearing down the drive.

    However the only other thing I know of that would cause a zzz sound would be if the hard drive isn't properly tightened in your case(some people only use 2 screws on one side to hold the HDD to prevent them from opening the other side of the case, this isn't advised.)
  8. Hey jase, I think you nailed it. I'm fairly certain that I only used 2 screws to screw my hard drive in. I will check inside my in the next few days. I remember having a hard time using the "tool less hard drive installation" trays on my NZXT Phantom and couldn't line up the hard drive with the rubber screws. Some rubber screws went in without the rubber ring around it (which means it's the metal screw only against another metal part of the case. You think all this can contribute to the sound that HDD is producing?

    But we'll save the Windows solution in case my memory is wrong and I used the 4 rubber screws.
  9. Yeah only using screws on one side could cause the buzzing noise. I don't think it's the metal on metal but if your case came with rubber screws i'd use them instead.
  10. They're not exactly "rubber screws" they are just small screw-like screws, (don't really have the twist on the screw just cylinder-shaped. And at the front of the screw the circle has rubber around it which is removable. I think I have the option to just use regular screws, should I do that instead?
  11. By the way midnight, is that buzzing noise like hurting the drive or can it wait till I can open it and closely inspect?
  12. I don't know it depends, i am unsure what it sounds like. Just as a precaution back up any data! By any chance does your drive sound like this: Hard drive making weird noise? I would definitely try those rubber screws.. i think i know what your talking about cuz i had an external seagate i took apart to try to fix (to no avail.. lol) which had rubbers that fit onto cylinder shaped screws.
  13. Your data should be safe, just check your case and if its fixed please mark this question as answered.
  14. I would still make sure your data is backed up, if there is an issue i wouldn't trust the drive in your case to do it.
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