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I just replaced the stock fan on my Q9300 for a The thing is i was at 45c idle now I'm at 55c way to high i think the problem is the fan i bought has a 500-3500 rpm +- rating and several programs are showing it running at like 975 rpm is there any thing i can do.
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  1. Go to bios and set the fan speed...
  2. Super basic OEM bios unable to do that. Trying to figure out why my board would max out the fan speed so low why isnt it cranking up the speed.
  3. Also, you can try speedfan It may be able to help... Its ability to control the fans varies motherboard to motherboard.
  4. ya i went through all that i guess ill just need to get another new HSF. I just don't get how the one i have can be so much worse then the stock its almost 9 c hotter.
  5. did you apply the thermal paste correctly?
  6. Because the fan isn't the particular issue, what heatsink are you using?
  7. Rosewill RCX-Z2 7 and yes i applied a thin even amount over the contact.
  8. im worried about even running my system now 54c is a really high idle.
  9. illfindu said:
    im worried about even running my system now 54c is a really high idle.

    it's high, but not in the "danger zone" yet. i'd recommend returning your heatsink and getting a new one

    just dont put the system under too much load for now...
  10. Ya i'm getting a ZALMAN CNPS 7500 i think.
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