Which DDR3 RAM for i5 750 + P7P55D PRO?

Hi there!

Just wondering...Which RAM should I get for my i5 750 + P7P55D PRO?
Maybe I will Overclock my processor a little bit in the future...

Without OCing
Spend all the money from a 1600Mhz (for example) and get "the best" 1333Mhz out there?

Which CL/timings should I get?


I was looking at the G.Skill ECO series (1600Mhz - CL7 - 1.35v).
If I get these and don't Overlock anything, I will have some kind of issues? Will the RAM runs under 1.35v (undervolt)?
Apparently, these are the best choice for me. If I don't OC, these will run with a nice perfomance, cool and low energy. And If I OC, just need to change a few timings/volts. Am I wrong?
Does anybody recommend these RAMs?

Please, feel free to recommend any DDR3 RAM (I have preference for Corsair and G.Skill).
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  1. Niklas_13 said:

    Thanks for the suggestions. :wahoo:
    What about G.Skill ECO...?

    I pretend to keep my PC turned ON most of the time, like 24/7.
    In that case, would the ECO be the best choice? Will the 0.15v (1.35 against the normal 1.5v RAMs) make the difference?

    And the P7P55D PRO/i5 750 has fully support of ECO's low voltage?

    I don't know. I got this feeling that the motherbord is somehow 'forcing' itself to run these low voltage memory... :sweat:
  2. As far as I am aware, only AMD have issues with such low voltage. No one seems to have reported any issues regarding Intel and the low voltage. The RAM was essentially designed with Intel in mind (given that they do not work perfectl with AMD) so I think it is safe to say it's good.
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