ATI vs nVidia

can someone suggest which is better, ati radeon hd 5770 or nvidia geforce 9800 gt ?
or any other card in the same range..??
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  1. I'd probably go with the 5770 between those 2. More futureproof.
  2. The HD5770 is about 50% faster and gives you DX11 as well. It's your best choice unless you have enough for an HD5850.
  3. for performance the Nvidia GTX260 competes against the ATI 5770

    although the performance is similar, the 5770 offers DX11 support, needs less power, and costs $30-50 less the its not much of a competition.
  4. Newegg is carrying a 'new' Zotac GTX 260 for 180.00 free shipping. It looks a lot like the Fermi cards(non-important, just noting). Its a option for some, its a powerful card, lacking dx11.

    Original review for the GTX 260, launch in 7/2008,1953-28.html
    Much more attractive thanks to its very attractive price, the GTX 260 placed consistently high in gaming tests and has most of the advantages of the GTX 280 without the high price. If it’s really available starting next week at $400, it’s sure to be a best-seller.

    * Pros
    o Improved GeForce 8 architecture
    o Performance only 18% under the GTX 280’s
    o Very low power consumption at idle
    o Accelerated CUDA software
  5. ATI is better, better energy efficiency; better performance per watt. Technology is assembled onto smaller boards. Nvidia is overated, has ultimately more performance than ATI regarding their best graphic cards, but not to a significant amount and they do it by paying a large price in terms of sacrificing other factors. Those factors are very high energy consumption; low energy efficiency, large graphics boards and high heat emissions. In any games the difference between ATI's best gpu and Nvidia's best gpu will not be noticed at all, as on games like Crysis and battlefield bad company 2 on ultra high settings both ATI and Nvidia struggle and get low frame rates anyway during intense gameplay. An ATI 5850 has the same performance or more than a GTX 285 in all games, and only requires 150 watts to run on, and it's size is considerably small, much smaller than a GTX 285, about the size of a GTS 250. The GTX 285 requires 204 watts to run on, my point is prooven. A GTS 250 runs on 150 watts, the ATI 5850 also runs on that requirement, but has twice the performance and is half an inch longer, it's embarrasing.
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