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My main browser was Rockmelt, but it stopped being able to log on so the side chat would never work. I tried to search for issues on Google, but I came up with invalid URL's. I moved to Chrome to try to search, and it still didn't work. I tried accessing google through Internet explorer and it still wouldn't work.
This issue is new and just started happening this morning. Nothing changed for my Norton Security. Solutions?

It's actually not just Google. I am also having issues with other issues.
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  1. Quote:
    I am also having issues with other issues.
    Are you going to tell us what other issues you're having - or should we guess?

    What happens when you Google search: Tom's Hardware
  2. What I meant was that the invalid url issue is happening with many websites, not just google. I click on the website, and an "Invalid Error" page comes up.
  3. What happens when you Google search: Tom's Hardware
  4. Where are you located?
    What is the name of a website you can't reach and gives you an error?
  5. This is only happening on this computer, I have no such problems on my laptop. And it is happening with many websites. And now when I try to access Facebook, it gives me an error of too many redirects. I tried cleaning my cookies out, but that didn't work.
  6. That rules out a DNS problem which can cause the symptoms you mention.

    Sounds to me you've picked up some type of search engine hijacking malware.

    Boot into Safe Mode with networking and try and get back to Facebook. Works OK?
    Then I'd say it's certain you've picked up some type of virus/trojan/malware.
  7. This is the IP address for
    Put that IP address in your web browser location window and see if connects to Facebook.
  8. Hi i know this will come in as anonymous but i got it easily fixed on firefox by going into options --> advanced --> Encryption and changing it from ask me every time to choose one automatically.
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