Will this motherboard fit in this case?


I have a stock Dell XPS 210 and I know how bad it is, but I didn't when I got it. I bought a XION XON-160P Mid-Tower and a new video card. After finding out my motherboard doesn't fit in the new case (it is really small, the XPS 210 has a case 67% smaller than normal Mid-Towers). Anyway, I am going to buy a Biostar MCP6PB M2+ Motherboard and before I waste more money, I'd like to know; Will this fit in the case? I don't see why it wouldn't, its a pretty generic tower, but I just want to make sure. Thanks in advance.

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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  1. is the xion an atx case? so an atx or a micro atx would work
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