Dell xps 600 video upgrade

Good Evening.. I really need your help to select a new video card for my old xps 600. Just now I have 3 option in mind:
A) evga 9800 gTX+ 512 mb ddr3
B) evga 250 gts 1 mb ddr3
C) 2 evga 9800 gt 512 mb (sli mode)

Can you help me to select any of these or another card?.
Thanks a lot.. Bye
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  1. Ok.. thanks.. it is possible too look for an Ati 4890 OC at around 200 bucks.. Bye
  2. it is a590 wats psu
  3. OOps.. you are rigth.. it is a 650 w. dual core 940 (3.2 Ghz; 2 x 1 Gb ballistix pc 800 Mhz;) raid 0 with 2 samsumg spinpoint sata 3.0, Audigi live sound.. etc.
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