best liquid cooling for beguiners ?

hi i want to build a new pc and i maybe go for liquid cooling but i don´t have any idea what to buy , i will like to buy a all in one for example this one

i just one something similar good performance and price and looks XD just for minor overclocking
any idea ?
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  1. Your Best bet, as you are new to LCS's, is to go with an all in one like the H50 in the link you provided, reviews show it is as good, and possibly better than the best high end air coolers (most anyway), but hopefully quieter.

    They are also releasing a newer version soon (or it may already be out) called the H70. It is supposed to perform better, but does come with 2 fans as stock opposed to the single of the h50, so it is bound to really.

    alternatively, if you want to go with *proper* Liquid cooling, you could buy a kit such as the thermaltake prowater 850i, these review only really as well as for example the h50, but with higher risks, so its better to stick with an all in one.

    There are of course better kit's, and if you search around, you can find one easily, but for a newcommer id sugest the h50, it is a great cooler, i have my i7 920 @ 4GHZ, and it rarely exceeds 75 Degrees C
  2. I agree with keytthom for a first time user i would try the H50 or H70.
  3. minor overclocking=liquid cooling=will you need it?

    it will take a lot of time,
  4. theres no reason why you shouldn't go with the h50 imo, even if it is minor overclocking, it will just temps are very low, and will also leave headroom for future use :D
  5. I would advise against an H50 or any other all in one solution when it comes to watercooling (In fact i'd stick to air cooling rather than purchasing that thing). These units offer no upgrade path, questionable quality and the all in one method they use means that if the pump goes, the whole thing goes into the trash.

    The kit I would suggest would be something from Swiftech such as these options:
    CPU Only:

    Whole System:

    They're easy to install, made of high quality materials and offer you an upgrade path. You can always switch out the blocks for newer models while retaining the rest of the water cooling loop.
  6. ElMoIsEvIl....


    how much do you think you'v spent on it, if you don't mind me asking?
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