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If I had an Asus DirectCU 5850 Overclocked, it would be just as good as any stock 5870, correct.
When they say 2x 5770 out beat the 5850, would that not be valid, and only be valid on 5850's not OCed at all??(which is the weirdest thing I ever heard)

I have been thinking about selling two Asus 5770's because I won't be able to do 3 or 4 way CF-X, cause it only has one
bridge connector. and as far as I know that would be impossible with regular bridges.

I do have someone to sell them to and since I didn't tell them what I got them for, I would profit 50-60 bucks with them
still in the box. He is still going to save atleast 25 a piece.
I am still debating it, cause I keep thinking that 2 5770's will be better than a 5850 but I know there not.

But I know that it will be easier to buy a third 5770, but I just don't like any other brand besides for Asus and the 5770
is useless beyond 2 way CFX, so there would be no third or fourth card.

Anyways I think I will sell and use my profit to get the 5850, I think I will be happy and when I upgrade, 2x 5850 will
be insanely better than two 5770's.

Thanks for any feedback I am getting close to buying my rig so I want to get it right.
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  1. An HD 5870 at stock speeds would beat an HD 5850 at HD 5870's stock speeds because the HD 5850 only has 1440 shaders while the HD 5870 has 1600, although the HD 5870 would only perform slightly better (with both at the same speeds).

    Two HD 5770s perform like HD 5870s in most games, however you must remember that not all games scale perfectly, and the HD 5850 may perform better than HD 5770 CFX in some cases. Also one HD 5850 can be later on turned into an HD 5850 setup, and uses less power. If you already have two HD 5770s, I normally wouldn't sell them, but since you're going to profit you might as well.
  2. I was going over my new rig prospects and I think I am going to get the EAH5870 V2. It is at a gread price right now, even
    without it's MIR. Even though the 5850 DirectCu is comparable, Newegg doesn't carry it any more so I would end up spending
    340 on it like at Tiger/Comp/Circuit.

    The only brand I buy is ASUS and MSI on occasion, but both there 5770 can't do 3 way CFX so I would be stuck at 2 way, while
    2 way 5870 is available and even 3 way. So I am already ahead with the 1 so any upgrade would put me on top of the moutain.

    The V2 originally was my second choice behind the DirectCU 5850, but since the 5850 seems to be unlisted or high priced,
    I will just get the next best thing.
  3. I forgot to add, that on NewEgg when I buy the V2 w/ my AMD 965, I get a 36 instant combo plus additional 20 mir
    So 409.99-35=374.99 + 20mir= 354.99!!! That is a hella good deal in my un written book of good deals!
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    Go for it! ;)
  5. Well if the dang HAF-X would just come out then I would!!! Esp. right now some great deals are going on.
    What I am hoping for is the HAF-X to combo with something else, cause the 965 and 5870, then the
    HX750 and the Crosshair 4 are combos with 20mir plus 35$ instant.

    What is bugging me is that the 212+ plus is 60$!! It was 35 just over a week ago. Since I am going to put this on
    an Egg card I didn't really want to buy around, even though I pretty much have the majority of the money.

    Anyways, I picked the fastest g.skill from asus's memory list just to play it safe. I already contacted g.skill, asus and coolermaster
    to make sure the whole heatsink/memory/gskill S fan would work out ok in a HAF-X on the Crosshair 4.

    So hopefully I can order soon cause I have been planning since Jan. back when I figured I would wait for everything to come
    out and for prices to settle in after the thubans and Nvidias 400series, now the HAF-X is the last piece to the puzzle.
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