How to add an external antenna to the wifi router of inetrnal antenna

I have a netgear wnr2000 N300, the problem i am facing is of range, its range is not even 20mts, i have placed the router in well opened place and in the center on my house yet the range is a problem, it has two internal antennas, is there any way by which i can add any extrenal antenna to it by myself or any other way out to extend the range of it, I just want to extend the range of it, while the company says it has 400feet range in open and 200feet indoor, but 200feet is about 60.96 meters, but the signal lost in not even 20meters. Please help me out.
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  1. The way router manufacturers measure range is in a straight line with no obstructions. Indoors 20metres is not bad depending on how many walls and what they are made of.

    My advice would not be to start taking the router apart unless you have some knowledge of electronics -- and soldering skills.

    Instead raise the router above furniture level, relocate cordless phone base or video sender away from computer or router. Experiment with channels -- some work better or worse depending on the environment.

    If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi select a channel 5 stops away from the strongest.
  2. thanks for a reply, i have already placed the router above the furniture level, as far as the walls are concerned, there are two walls b/w the router and the lappy, in that also both the walls have windows, but still the range is not that strong, i have some soldering skills and i know little bit about electronics. If you have ever added any external antennas in this wnr2000 router please tell me, and please attach a pic also
  3. What you are proposing is fairly simple but I would start by getting hold of an old wireless router which has a connector for a removable antenna.

    These are commonly available at flea markets, (swap meets, garage sales, thrift shops etc) particularly ones originally supplied by ISPs and which people discard when they change internet supplier.

    Most (including Netgear which I have disassembled on occasion) will have a simple press fit or solder tag fitment joining the external antenna connector to the router's circuit board. I would use this sub assembly to replace the fixed internal antenna(s) in your present router. Will also allow you to replace the antenna in future with (perhaps) a larger high gain unit.

    To get into a Netgear unit you will need a torx screwdriver (or improvise using a hex key or small flat bladed screwdriver). The screws are located beneath the small rubber feet.
  4. Buy another wireless router and connect it to your primary router (this is called bridging). Others I know like to explore by replacing the antennas (well this could change something but the antennas were designed for that manner and changing it with no proper knowledge to it post danger).
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