Im trying to transplant a Hard Disk XP installation to a new computer by means o

Im trying to transplant a Hard Disk XP installation to a new computer by means of a repair install from a bootable windows install cd All goes well until the first reboot when the installation goes into an endless loop of restarts right after the windows logo appears
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  1. Hard disk xp installation? Im afraid i dont understand what you mean. Explain a little bit more
  2. "hd xp installation": A HDD with XP SP3 installed on it.

    After building a new PC I tried to make the old hdd with all the stuff installed on it usable on the new PC by doing a "R" repair using the install cd...

    Sorry for being so cryptic, but I just wanted my question to be as compact as possible.

  3. Doing a repair install rarely works very well. You really need to back up your data and do a fresh install on the new system if you want it to be stable.
  4. In BIOS Setup of your new machine, check the SATA Port Mode setting near where you Enable the ports. Your choices usually are IDE (or PATA) Emulation, Native SATA, AHCI, and / or RAID. Since you are using Win XP already installed on an older HDD, you MUST set this to the IDE (or PATA) Emulation mode. In all its forms, Win XP does not now how to use AHCI devices without a driver. For a boot disk, the driver would have had to be installed from a floppy disk when XP was first installed on the HDD, and I bet that was not done. So setting to this option has the BIOS intervene and make the actual SATA disk appear to Win XP as a simpler IDE device it fully understands and can use immediately.
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