GTX 260 Timeout Detection Recovery Error

Gigabyte GTX 260 Superclocked Edition GDDR3 896MB (680/1500/1250) Graphics Card
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Deneb 3.0GHz
Antec 900 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Case
ASRock A780GXE/128M Mother Board
WD 500GB Caviar Green Hard Drive
WD 640GB Caviar Blue Hard Drive
EVERCOOL Buffalo CPU Cooler
Corsair 650W Power Supply
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
G.Skill 8GB Ram 1066GHZ @ 800mhz

This happens to me in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (and once in PSCS4 with open GL) and only happens during map load... basically getting the "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered" error (screen flashes black and then back to normal)... already turned off/delayed the TRD (in registry), same issue occurs, although my comp just locked up if i had disabled the TDR so i turned it on

i can play BC2 and all my other games for HOURS and HOURS and no issue... im just thinking its cod being faggetry

again only happens in codmwf2 (tried different drivers, currently using 196.21 and i love it) although im thinking its a PSU issue since i have a 650w corsair running my gtx 260 factory super over clock and lots of other stuff rawr..

its not my g-card over heating @ all or faulty ram OR driver conflicts... really just think its my psu

im coming to the conclusion that this card on load + my cpu on load + my fans/hdds is giving my 650w stress and causing this error

AS LONG as this error does not harm my card, i can ignore it until my psu decides to give in

I should try and lower the factory super over clock (but tbh if this error doesn't occur in other games there is really no point and i can suffer the 1 sec delay in cod haha)

any other advice and tips will be very helpful!!!
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  1. Scratch that... just happened with Bad company 2 SINGLE PLAYER... hmmm
    I re-tested my ram.. no issues there.. i know its not my card for a fact due to it never being overheated, im just going to assume its a psu issue
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