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I have a HP p6230y desktop with 8 gig 7.74 usable running windows 7 with the latest updates AMD phenom II X4 810 processor 2.60ghz vidoe driver 7/28/2009 Ver 8.634.0.0 Here's the problem. I install Warcraft 3 RoC and TFT and the game will not show on my Sanui monitor. For just a brief sec the face of the Orc appears then the screen go blank. The game is loaded and running just nothing on the screen. I have tried reinstalling, running as administrator, installing the latest Windows 7 patch for Warcraft 3. Please help. I have no problem playing on my Gateway system but I can not get the game to display the game except for that split second when the game first loads. Thank you in advance
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  1. sounds like a driver issue since you installed the win 7 patch for the game, have you tried the Blizzard tech forum for help?
  2. Yes, I have. That was my first stop then Alex from Blizzard sent a lot of different things to try but none of it was able to get and keep the graphics on the screen for more than a second. When I hit the Windows key to get to the desktop I can see the Warcraft 3 menu running just for that micro second so I know the game is running I just don't have continous video. Starcraft, although 10 years older, works perfectly, Command & Conquer the First Decade multi pack works, Civ Colonization, Sim 4, Soldier of Fortune, Wolfenstein, Red Faction all work perfectly.
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