Computer won't power on after mixing up front header

I was switching my front header connections using an extension, and I must have accidentally plugged them in incorrectly. Now when I try to plug the power switch wires into what should be the right spot the computer won't turn on. Did I just mess up big and somehow fry my computer? Have any of you guys heard of breaking a computer by plugging in the wires for the power switch on the wrong part of the front header panel pins?
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    No, you havent fried anything up. Are you sure you are trying to plug in them correctly? Cause sometimes they can be a pain in the ass...
    Check in ur mobo/case manuals how to do it
  2. Once upon a time I made a complete idiot mistake and plugged my front panel connections into a USB header because I was in a rush to get my system set up. Hit the power switch on my PSU and heard a pop. The board was done for. Messed with it for two days before giving up on it.

    Normally plugging in front panel header connections into the wrong spot on the header won't mess anything up, your connections just won't be made and nothing will happen until you set them up on the right pins. I'd verify that you did indeed plug them into the front panel header and not another header on the motherboard.
  3. As others said, double-check your connections.

    Now, in all this did you ever disconnect the power cord at the back while making changes? Oddly, that might help. I have had this happen to me a few times: The computer is somehow shut down oddly, and when I push the front power button nothing happens at all. But if I then either turn off the main power switch on the BACK of the PSU OR disconnect the power cord and wait for about a minute or two before re-supplying power, then the front pushbutton works just fine! I think somehow the part of the BIOS that still has power when it's "Off" so that it can watch for the pushbutton gets locked in a loop and never sees the button push. A full power down and cold re-start seems to fix it.
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  5. Actually, thanks a lot. This morning I looked at it again and realized that I had pins for the header plugged in correctly into the extension wires, but had mistakenly plugged the extension wires into a 10 pin next to the 10 pin for the front panel header. In my defense, I had the oddest urge at after 3 in the morning to try to fix my hd led. Next time I should keep in mind not to do things with delicate electronics very late at night.
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