Phenom 550 BE Overclocking (stability question)

Okay so basically I am overclocking my Phenom 550 BE using a stock fan seeing as how I really don't wanna get a third-market cooler (at least for now).

Basically, I have set the multiplier to 17x (3.4 Ghz) and run stress tests where the max temps were 55-57c. I wanted to know if those temps were fine when overclocking a Phenom 550. I know it's a pretty newbie question, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks (:
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  1. Yeah those are fine, AMD lists the max temp at about 62C so you are well below the threshhold.
  2. How long did you run the stress test and which tests were they?

    If your stock cooler can get your temps to stay that low with P95, then you've got a chip that can stay cool and you may not need a better cooler but that is rare. Most users with that model CPU usually have to get a better cooler to run it full-time overclocked.
  3. I was using the AMD Overdrive Stability Test for over an hour.

    I'll try P95, and post results (:
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