Choosing between 5830/5850/5870 for Office Work with 3 monitors

I'm building a new computer and can't decide on which graphics card I need. I'm going with the AMD 5000 because I want to take advantage of 3 monitors. I currently have 2 x 22" and 1 x 28" and I realize I'll need to get an active display port adapter.

I won't be doing any gaming. I just need something that will power the 3 monitors. I'll be doing office work and watching things like baseball games (through MLB TV).

Which one do I need?

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. All of those cards are overpowered for a non-gaming system and cost much more than you need to spend. All you need is an HD5670 for around $100. Just make sure you get one that says it supports Eyefinity because some do not. Any of these will do;
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