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I have never used liquid cooling and am liking the reviews on using liquid cooling but need to know if a 3x120 radiator is enough to cool a stock clocked Q9550@2.83Ghz and CrossfireX 5770's under 45c.
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  1. Why 45c? Those components will run fine up to 60c under load. In my part of the world, the only way to run that low is by using the a/c 24/7, so I let my temps run a little warmer.
  2. Your final temperature will depend on how much you plan to overclock your processor and the ambient temperature of the room where your computer is located. A 3x120 radiator is more than enough radiator for any modern commodity processor currently on the market. But, since you are adding the 5770 cards into the loop, you may want to go for a 4x120 or 2 2x120 radiators. The nice thing about water cooling is that you can always add more cooling to your loop if you are not satisfied with the final equalized temperature of your loop. Just be aware that more radiator in your loop adds impingement, and your pump has to work that much harder to keep the fluid in motion.
  3. So what about a 2x 140 or 3x 140 or even the new 200mm radiators? I have the Coolermaster HAF 932 and would it be possible to mound a 200mm radiator on this case?
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