Given my current hardware, is an HD5850 worth it?

I am thinking about upgrading my HD4870 to a new HD5850, but I am worried that the rest of my hardware might bottleneck it. I have the following components:

Gigabyte 785g motherboard
AMD Phenom2 X3 720 with unlocked 4th core
700W Power Supply
HD4870 w/ 512 MB VRAM
24 inch 1920x1080 monitor

Given that I have this hardware, is it worth it to upgrade to an HD5850? Also, might it be a good idea to wait for the mid-year hardware refresh and see if AMD releases some improved version of their cards?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. Yeah, sure. The HD4870 is still pretty good but the HD5850 will be a very nice upgrade at stock and twice as fast if you overclock it. Your PSU should be fine and your processor as well.
    You can also probably Ebay the HD4870 for a nice amount as well to put towards the new card.
  2. Yup, agree with jyjjy, you can sell your HD4870 and get HD5850. It would be perfect with your system... :)
    Newer tech, less heat, less power consumption, less noise, dx.11, and great for 24" monitor.
  3. Thank you for the quick responses, I appreciate the advice! I will probably go ahead and get an HD5850.
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