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Hi all, i have just installed speedfan as it has been pretty heavily endorsed on here and i'm trying to check my CPU temps. I'm not sure what is what and which temperature is referring to my CPU any help would be swell.

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    I hate speedfan, it's a horrid tool that has never once given me good readings (bring on the haters, but this is just from my own usage and results). I now use Everest Ultimate and it's very reliable.

    See if you can get a freeware hardware monitor that shows temps (even the nvidia hardware monitor) and see if you can get readings that way. The fact speedfan thinks something in your case is -2C is a give away it's not the best tool by any means.
  2. cheers acer if nobody has any idea on speedfan i will give HWmonitor a try
  3. +1, really dislike speedfan.

    HWmonitor is my tool of choice. always been perfect for me.
  4. HWmonitor is one of the best options you can go for if you don't want to spend a little money. Give it a shot.. you'll be happy you left speedfan behind.
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