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Hi all,

I'm thinking of building a new PC to use for a bit of everything. It will run Linux and be on for 24/7 as a server/NAS and home media PC (for now simply connected to the TV to play DVDs or blue ray or stuff from the Internet).

At first I was considering using an Intel Atom, but after reading the article on Tom's hardware (Core i5 on 25W of Idle) I decided that I can achieve low enough power consumption/temperature with an i5 and I'll have plenty of performance when required.

So what I have decided is:
CPU: Intel Core i5 i5-560 (73W TDP)
Motherboard: Mini-ITX with H55 chipset (possible H57)
Power supply: I really like the one used in the article because of it's efficiency so something similar (250W, 80% efficiency)
HDD & Optical drive : TBD (but shouldn't be too hard).

The problem I'm having at the moment is finding a case. I'd like to have a form factor like the Shuttle Cube PC, but I can't find something decent. All the PC's I find are very flat, which won't allow me to put a massive cooler on the CPU (hoping that passive cooling would be enough but that may be dreaming). I like the Rosewill RC-C1X-01 case, but it doesn't seem to be available in the UK.

Now a few questions:
Does anybody know where I can find that case in Europe or other similar cases that could work?
For the PSU, can I bolt any power supply in any case? (I've only dealt with the "classic" power supply form factor, so I'm a bit confused with all these different shapes and sizes)
Do I have any chance of only using passive cooling and maybe 1 case fan (I want the thing to be quiet since it'll be on all the time).

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  1. For Europe, caseking has a very good selection of cube cases:

    Power supply form factor will depend on the case you get. Some small cases can take a full ATX, some small cases use a smaller PSU form factor.
  2. Thanks for the link. It does have a great selection.

    I find it really annoying though that most cases have ridiculously high power supplies included. I calculated that at full power my system would use about 100W of power. So even if I give a 2x safety margin that brings me to 200W. Power supplies in that range are hard to find.

    I guess it's what I get for trying to build a system that is not within the "norm".

    Thanks again.
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