Problem Updating graphic drivers

OK this might sound as the stupidest question ever, but I cant figure it out!!

I recently bought a new laptop, an msi gx640. It has an i5 cpu, and ATI HD 5850.

This is a new instalation, i formatted the hard drive and installed Windows 7 pro.

For some reason I cannot update the video drivers to the newest 10.4 version. I still have the 8.X version. I go to the website, , and I download the drivers for windows 7 64 bit.

I run the executable that i download, and it launches the ATI installation manager. Thing is when i chose "custom" installation, it only offers the option to reinstall the installation manager... but shows nothing pertaining the new drivers.v

I honestly dont know what to do, tried reinstalling the OS and re-downloading the packages, but i still not see the option to update the drivers...

any ideas?
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  1. How did the old drivers get there? You said you formatted the hard drive. You had to have installed the old drivers. Go to control panel and remove the old drivers. Then download and install the new driver.
  2. I have an installation disk that came with the computer. It has older drivers in it.

    I just noticed, that apparently there is a differencee between ATI HD 5850 and ATI RADEON MOBILITY 5850. Not sure which one i need.
  3. Definitely need the mobility ones for a laptop. Also, some laptop manufacturers require their own custom drivers, so if the generic ATI Mobility drivers don't install, check the laptop manufacturer's website.
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