Suggest me graphics

current specs:

intel pentium 4 3ghz
ddr2 transcend 2gb 800mhz ram
xfx 9500 gt 512 mb graphic card
asus p5kpl - am/ps
500 gb 7500 hdd seagate
cooler master 460 watts real power
cooler master haf 912 casing
viewsonic 22inch wide monitor

purpose: my fav games unreal tournament 3; cnc3 tiberium wars should be able to comfortably / normally play at 1680 x 1050

new planned specs

core i7 930
motherboard with in $400 or best suited for my purpose: pls suggest
ddr3 kingston 2gb 1333mhz ram
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  1. HD 5770 is a good choice,however get a 500+ PSU(Corsair 520W would be good)and also make sure you get 4GB RAM instead of 2GB.
    And for motherboard,Asus P6X58D Premium would be a good choice
  2. I don't know about unreal tournament 3, but my 9800 GT runs tiberium wars at a constant 30 FPS (this is the frame rate cap), and that is on very high settings and 1440*900 resolution, so it is not that GPU intensive.
  3. ^+1 Maziar. If you would like more help picking out all the components, you can always ask over in the Homebuilt section.
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