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What are your thoughts about this case? You think it would do good in terms of cooling? In case I get this case I'll try putting two fans on top if possible. The psu is top mounted so not stoked on that, but i can get it relatively cheap as it is a second hand item. I can get it for approx $20 w/o shipping. So would it be good? Thanks in advance.

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    Does it come with wings?
    All kidding aside i'm sure it's fine for $20 but if shipping is $20 or more i'd look elsewhere.
    Something like this which is new and $50 and is superior cooling wise.
  2. If you can't spend more than $20 on a case,then go for it,otherwise like Davon said,cooler master RC960 is a great choice and its far superior than the one you posted.
  3. actually i was planning on getting the storm scout. Thinking of modding this case for to get a bit more exhaust. Shipping would come to about $6. Actually the acrylic on the side is actually damaged but if you think i should steer clear of this one, would the storm scout be good enough? I actually wanted an haf x but might be moving to the states so obviously i wouldnt be able to bring it with me, so been thinking of just getting something doable for now. Thinking of putting 2 140 fans on top if it will fit, this is actually a full tower. Looks kinda small but the fans are actually that big.
  4. Where do you live?
    Cuz the CM SS is also on sale at Newegg for $69.99 free shipping.
    Otherwise $26 is not alot for a case.
  5. yeah thats the big prob man, hahahaha. So envious about your prices. I live in Japan. Don't know why but here the cheapest CM SS i could find runs at about $130. So you can imagine me thinking of just getting this. hehehehe.
  6. I know what you say,the prices here are much more expensive than US too.
    OK then,for $20 that's good,get it and add/upgrade the fans if you need later on.
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