HD Radeon 5970 @ 4GB is out! Pics + Specs. Fastest Card as of now?

Credits : www.vr-zone.com

As stated, Sapphire is releasing the "HD 5970 4G TOXIC Edition"

The article can be found here :


Pictures and Specs of the card can be found in the link above.

Note : There are 2 pages in this article.

And a small bit of the news : "The card is cooled by a customised solution from Arctic Cooling with nickel plated heatpipes and fins, featuring three low-noise dual ball bearing fans and developed specially to mate with the SAPPHIRE original design pcb. This efficient solution also provides scope for further performance tuning."
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  1. That card would be sweet for some massive eyefinity setups. On a regular resolution on a single monitor you'll get a decrease in performance I bet, compared to the 2GB version.

    Nice find. :)
  2. :o

    So is this the overclocked version (OCed to 5870 speeds) dubbed the infamous 5990?
  3. It's probably the fastest card, because the only other custom HD 5970 that I know of that has been tested right now is the ASUS RoG Ares HD 5970 4GB version which has its clocks at stock 850MHz/1200MHz, while this card has it at 900MHz/1200MHz.
  4. Now how much faster is it at high resolutions. Im running at 2560x1600 and I bet my 5970's 2GB is more than enough. How much resolution can eat up 4GB?
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