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This is a pretty specific scenario. I have several old servers lying around that I am looking into re-purposing. At the moment, I really need a storage server, and the best one that I have found so far to do the job is a Compaq ProLiant ML370 (1st generation, tower config). Getting SCSI drives for this system is out of the question because they are costly and do not come in sizes comparable to modern drives. So, my solution is to get a SATA RAID controller for it that will connect to an external RAID enclosure to house more drives and to allow for expansion as time goes on.

It has PCI-X 66MHz 5v slots and finding a card suitable for it is becoming troublesome. I would like, if possible, to have an SFF-8088 external connection. If there isn't such a one, an internal SFF-8087 connection would be fine as well as I can get a pass-through adapter for it to make it an external SFF-8088.

Please advise! I know this server is old and I know the performance will suffer, but I'm going for overall capacity.

Thank you for your time!

- Jarred
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  1. Thanks for the quick response and recommendation! This card will work great for another server I have, but not for what I am looking for for the ML370. I'm in need of an external solution for it as it has no room internally for extra drives.
  2. Do some searches on this website and see if they have what you need:
  3. This is looking very promising... I could find a decent infiniband enclosure and wrap this whole issue up! The link you provided really helped me in find a suitable card for this. Seeing that it's 66MHz compatible really puts my mind at ease.
  4. No problem.
  5. Get this card:

    Each of the eSATA port you can use with this enclosure:

    Transfer ate of this box is not bad
    USB3.0 and eSATA about 245MB/sec
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