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I have 2 cards, a GTX 295 and GT 240, and 3 monitors (primary is Acer GD235HZ, two BenQ T24IW are auxiliary).
Ideally I would like to drive the primary with the GTX 295 and power the auxiliary monitors with the GT 240 all together as one extended desktop.

However, I can only get the GT 240 to run either one or the other of the BenQ monitors as extended, or run one as extended and clone that to the second one. I've tried DVI+HDMI and DVI+VGA, but neither the nVidia control panel nor the windows display settings will allow me to enable both displays as extended desktops.
Running two monitors on the GTX 295 and one on the GT 240 works, but I was hoping to have the GTX 295 only have to drive the 3D display.

A) Is there any way to get the GT 240 to drive two displays in extend desktop mode?
B) Does moving the 3rd monitor from the GTX 295 to the GT 240 increase the processing power that the GTX 295 can devote to gaming by a noticeable amount, or should I just not bother with this and let it drive two displays?
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  1. Driving dual displays has absolutely no effect on your GPU's performance.
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    "Driving multiple displays will not effect your GPU's perfomance" at the present level you're running them at. Going for the eyefinity6 @ Full resolution........ and yes...... it will effect the GPU......
    Yes, you can get the GT240 to drive the 2 display, only if it was to become the primary display card......:( which is going to make the GTX295 either just for physx...... or then used for the third monitor .......
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    nThanks for the quick replies.
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