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I am thinking of upgrading my computer a bit, however I unfortunately have a dell motherboard, one I can find little information about. My specs are:
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.7GHz
- Dell 0F896N (mainboard)
- ATI Radeon HD 4350

First of all I want to upgrade my CPU. My current one is AM2. I am not sure if my motherboard supports AM3? Is there a way to check. I have the latest BIOS update for the board.

I also expect I will need to change my PSU. Any suggestions for a new one? How do I check the power usage of my current one?

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  1. Please list your dell model number (example dimension e521); the board specs aren't listed by the board number. Are you willing to spend for a new operating system? Dell boards come with a bios code for windows. Even if you reinstall windows with your dell dvd, microsoft may not activate it using your old dell coa sticker, but you can call microsoft and try it. The windows installation is tied to the dell motherboard. Your am2 board probably won't work with newer am3 cpus; for a newer board, try any micro atx model am2+/am3 that uses ddr2. Check craigslist for windows deals.
  2. Thanks for the info. My Dell model is a 'Dell Inspiron MT 546'.
  3. I recommend you try the agena phenom I 9950 black for $75.99 shipped from newegg.com. It's a 125w cpu with 4 cores; I can't guarantee it will work with your board, but if it doesn't, you can sell it on craigslist or ebay. Your board chipset won't run newer am3 or phenom II cpus. For a board upgrade, checkout the foxcon a785gm for around $73 shipped from newegg.com. Dell uses foxconn boards in many of it's systems. For a power supply upgrade, newegg has an antec 620w for $59.99 with email promo code (you have to be registered with newegg) before a $20 rebate. It has 48 amps on the 12v rail.
  4. Thanks for those suggestions. I really like the look of that processor :love: . Is changing the motherboard a simple task? If so I will just change that. If i could do that I would need another AMD board right?

    CPU-Z tells me that the complete info for my board are:
    - Manufacturer Dell Inc
    - Model 0F896N A02
    - AMD Chipset 780G
    - Southbridge ATI SB700
    - LPCIO IT8718
  5. No. You can go with Intel and use your old ddr2 or change ram. I would try selling your old dell board and ram on craigslist or ebay first. Then you'll have more funds for your upgrade. Dell boards sell for a premium over standard non oem boards. You should be able to get around $60 for your board on ebay. Or you might get lucky and sell the board, ram, and cpu on your local craigslist for a package deal. Foxconn makes both amd and Intel boards, but any micro atx board will work with your dell case. I like the onboard video for my core i3, but I got the motherboard free at frys with the cpu.
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