So I know this question is troublesome and open to lots of opinion but. I am trying to decdie wether I should just upgrade my current pc or wait and build a new one. The current pc is a AMD XP 2500 1 gig memeory AGP video (Cant remeber which right not but I know there are better.) I have been looking and I think for around 300-400 dollars I could upgrade this pc to the best availible parts. But on the other hand for around 1,000 I could easily build a new system with the current tech. So what are youre thoughts.
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  1. If your current system was a dual-core system (even an old socket 939), then I'd recommend just an upgrade. Since it's only a single core (not sure if it's 939 or SocketA), I'd have to recommend a full system build.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Honestly, for the same $300-400 you will spend on upgrading components you will find that you could replace the motherboard, Processor, RAM, and Video card for less than that and get a more powerful machine than the money you would spend on upgrading your current one. Athlon XP was socket A, which has no Dual core support, or even 64-bit support. Even if you did find the parts to upgrade that to the best, its going to cost you a lot and only give you a small performance bump. You money is Much much much better spent on building a new system. Don't waste your money on upgrading your current rig.
  3. Perhaps elaborate *why* u need to upgrade (apps, games, etc?)
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