what are the different input and output ports of a computer
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  1. Input would be things like mouse keyboard, scanner etc

    Output would be things like display, printer etc
  2. SATA, eSATA, eSATAP, PATA, SCSI, Ethernet, USB, Audio ports, IEEE1394 (A.K.A. FireWire, iLINK, Lynx), Floppy Disk I/O port, dedicated keyboard (mini DIN or DIN), dedicated mouse (mini DIN), serial port (RS-232), parallel port (A.K.A. printer port, Centronics port, IEEE 1284).
  3. VGA, DVI (all types - DVI-I, DVI-D etc.) HDMI, DisplayPort, MiniDVI, MiniDisplayPort, S-Video, RCA audio & Video, 3mm audio, SPIDF optical audio.

    Some names on the above list I'd never heard of before.
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