Looking for close match to ECS board!

Hi Everyone,

I have an ECS GeForce6100PM-M2 motherboard installed in my computer which is running Windows XP (SP3).

I would like to replace this motherboard with a gigabyte board, however I don't want to start from scratch and reinstall Windows.

I am looking for suggestions regarding a gigabyte board which is a close match (in terms of chipset, etc) to my ECS, in the hope that I will be able to physically swap the boards over (without having to reinstall Windows).

Here is a link to my existing board:

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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    There are lots of 6150se chipset boards that use ddr2. I've used both biostar and msi 6150 boards. Newegg has had them under $40 in some of their email promos. Check the specs carefully; some of those use newer ddr3.
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