Will a 60gb intel 520 loose performance always being half full

anyone know anything about the performance at say 50% full or 75% full
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  1. As long as you have TRIM or Garbage Collection enabled you should be fine. I haven't noticed any slow down on mine and its a 64gb and i have used 40gb so far. It really depends on the SSD. Early models would degrade. TRIM only limits the degradation. Eventually the number of write cycle is limited but in reality their lifetime is probably equivalent if not better than a regular hard drive which is prone to mechanical failure. More recent SSDs with agressive GC are actually not degrading at all in terms of performance. They may eventually but it will take quite a bit of writing before observing the problem. But if you really want to get technical you can read this http://www.storagesearch.com/ssdmyths-endurance.html
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