Intel core i7 930 vs amd phenom II 1090T

which one od this CPU is better?
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  1. Neither is better, they are both one of the most evenly matched comparisons out there. What are you using it for? i7 is technically better for gaming, 1090T is better for video editing. The reason i say technically is that VERY few games will get above 60 fps with a i7, and below 60 fps with a 1090T, as its mostly about the video card and they are both so strong. The I7 will get more overclocking performance (depends), but the 1090T has a viable upgrade path to bulldozer. Different task=different winner. Personnally, non fanboismly, i think the 1090T is MARGINALLY better, im talking like 55%-45%. It comes down to what you are doing, if you upgrade, and if you overclock.
  2. Well, they're somewhat equal, although the i7 930 is a quad, the 1090t is a hexa core cpu. The 1090t is overall cheaper choice, the platform is cheaper. The X58 mobos for core i7 9xx more expensive than the 8xx chipset mobos, plus the tripple-channel ddr3 ram you have to buy for i7 cpus. Though the i7 gets better fps in most of the games and has a better architecture.
  3. ok? both can oc to 4 GHz too ya know? he wasnt really asking about the 955, he was asking about the i7 vs the 1090T. I have the 955, love it, but that doesnt really mean anything.
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